Amtrak Solari Board at 30th Street Station, Philadelphia.

These old electromechanical  arrival/departures boards have become scarce.

I exposed these photos at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station in early December 2016.

My train had arrived a few minutes late. Ironically, it was shown as ‘departed’ although it was still on the platform at the time I made these exposures.

Exposed using a Lumix LX7.
Exposed using a Lumix LX7.

philadelphia-30th_st_p1550809 philadelphia-30th_st_p1550808

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  1. Maybe worth a little video with sound – the clattering noise as the plates turn over when an update occurs is very distinctive, as is the drama of a full update of the board. There were some huge installations in Britain, several times larger than Phildelphia’s, that were always entertaining to watch.

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