Tram Noir—Olomouc, October 2016.


A brisk autumnal wind blew through cobblestone streets in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

I wandered with camera in hand, making images of trams grinding along in the dark of night.

These images were exposed on Fuji Neopan 400 using a Canon EOS-3.

I processed the film using Kodak HC-110 diluted 1-64 with water, with an extended pre-soak featuring an extremely dilute developer to help process shadow areas.

By design, my results are grainy and heavily textured to accentuate the effect of harsh lighting on the cobblestones and ancient buildings of the old Moravian capital.





olomouc_trams_15-oct_2016_bw-at_night_brian_solomon_331635olomouc_trams_15-oct_2016_bw-at_night_-brian_solomon_331650Tracking the Light posts daily.

3 comments on “Tram Noir—Olomouc, October 2016.

  1. Accepted by whom?I don’t understand.

  2. Tom Wyatt on said:

    Just curious as to how you were accepted roving around there after dark with a camera.

  3. Sean Solomon on said:

    I think these pictures came out better then if they were made digitally

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