Postcards from Prague—Trams at Night.

You know you’re having a photographically productive trip when you have a week’s worth of keepers after the first evening out.

Prague, Czech Republic is among the world’s great tram cities.

It’s hard to beat for its variety of cars and paint liveries, combined with stunning urban scenery, a large of number of routes and extensive route mileage (kilometerage?), plus intensive frequency of operation.

I’ve visited before, but I’m still stunned by observing the incredible number of trams gliding through the streets. This is among the most interesting urban railways, anywhere.

Here’s just a few photos from my Lumix LX7 exposed on a rainy evening in Prague.







tram_at_night_prague_p1530022Tracking the Light Posts Daily!

2 comments on “Postcards from Prague—Trams at Night.

  1. Graham on said:

    I went to Prague in 1964. Most of the trams then were old 4 wheelers in 3 car rakes but there were a few Tatra T3 in use then. Interesting to see they are still in use. PCC technology under the hood I believe.

  2. Bob Butler on said:

    I suggest you take the tram to the castle on the other side of the river, you will get some great shots there as well

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