Amtrak Display Train-Claremont Junction, New Hampshire; June 18, 2016.


Yesterday, June 18, 2016, Amtrak’s Display Train made a special visit to Claremont Junction, New Hampshire. See: Amtrak Press Release 

Fine weather prevailed and I exposed these views with my Lumix LX-7. I also made a few photos on Fuji Acros 100 black & white using my old Leica 3A, but those are still latent (in camera).

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Amtrak_exhibit train_P1480086Amtrak_exhibit train_P1480088


Amtrak_display_train_Claremont_NH_P1480043Kevin_Chittenden_P1480060Amtrak_exhibit_train_Claremont_NH_P1480056Amtrak_rep_P1480064Amtrak_display_train_Claremont_NH_P1480048Amtrak_Exhibit_train_P1480067Amtrak_exhibit train_P1480076Amtrak_exhibit train_P1480077Amtrak_exhibit train_P1480084

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    1. I arrived late in the day as the event was winding down (to make best use of the afternoon light); so I’m not sure how many people attended. Everyone seemed to be having a nice time though.

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