Exotic Railway Journeys Radio Interview on Wednesday!

Yesterday, Jerry Puffer of KSEN Radio (1150 AM)  in Shelby, Montana interviewed me and we spoke at length about my new book: The World’s Most Exotic Railway Journeys and my upcoming Voyageur Press title: A Field Guide to Trains.

You can listen to the Jerry Puffer show  on-line tomorrow on KSEN Wednesday 25 May 2016 at 4:30 pm Mountain Time (that’s 6:30 pm Eastern Time, and 11:30 pm in Dublin and London).

To reach KSEN’s website click the link below:


Cover photo by Scott Lothes.
Cover photo by Scott Lothes.

The World’s Most Exotic Railway Journeys was published in the UK by John Beaufoy Publishing. The book is available at The Guardian Bookshop, at Amazon, and in select bookshops, including Chapters on Parnell Square in Dublin.

The Field Guide to Trains is available via Amazon.

See: http://ksenam.com for a link to KSEM’s live radio broadcast.

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