Springtime in Switzerland! SBB and Dandelions.

Using my FujiFilm X-T1, I exposed this image last week looking across a field of dandelions near Erstfeld, Switzerland.

By using the tilting live-view display screen, I was able to hold the camera very low to the ground which allows for this exaggerated perspective of the foreground greenery and flowers.

Compare this photo to the conceptually similar view of the Italian tilting train I posted a few days ago. See: Italian Tilting Train at Gurtnellen—15 April 2016

The technique for both photos  is essentially the same, however with the photo below of the Swiss ICN passenger train  I used a slight telephoto and opted to crop the sky, rather than use a graduated neutral density filter to balance the contrast/retain detail.

An SBB ICN train glides along near Erstfeld in April 2016.

Below is another view from the same location near Erstfeld. Same camera, same lens, but I’ve set the zoom to a wide-angle view and I’m not as low to the ground.

The result is that the flowers remain in relative focus to the train and distant scenery. (Also I’m using the graduated neutral density filter to retain highlight detail at the top of the image).

A northward SBB freight approaches Erstfeld on the Gotthard route.
A northward SBB freight approaches Erstfeld on the Gotthard route.

The train is a bit small, but this photograph is more about the whole scene rather than being focused on the train.

Tracking the Light is Daily.

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