Abandoned Illinois Central Tunnel-Belleville, Wisconsin.

It was 20 years ago that my brother and I explored the setting of the abandoned former Illinois Central tunnel at Belleville, Wisconsin.

WSOR former IC tunnel at Bellville Wis April 1996 abandoned Brian Solomon 661877
I made this image on Fujichrome Provia100 using my Nikon F3T mounted on a Bogen 3021 tripod near the north portal. Outside it was a dull afternoon, which helped provide more even lighting inside the old bore. 

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One thought on “Abandoned Illinois Central Tunnel-Belleville, Wisconsin.”

  1. I believe it’s now part of the Badger Trail and you can legitimately walk or cycle through it. Apparently it is unlit, but at only just over 400- yards, you’re never without daylight in the distance, even with the curve. Much more interesting however in your picture.

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