Steam on the move at Dún Laoghaire.

On Sunday morning (3 April 2016) I took a spin on the down Rosslare Europort train from Tara Street to Dún Laoghaire.

Honestly, conditions were inauspicious for photography, but I persevered none-the-less.

A low ceiling and light rain made for gloomy conditions.

I used a blend of techniques in an effort to make some visually gripping images despite the conditions.

Working with the Lee graduated neutral density filter to maintain detail in the sky, I made a series of pans at 1/60th of second using my FujiFilm X-T1 digital camera.

I practiced my technique on passing DART electric trains before the passage of Railway Preservation Society of Ireland’s Dublin Rivera led by locomotive 461.

DART_Dun_Laoghaire_DSCF2865 DART_Dun_Laoghaire_DSCF2857 DART_Dun_Laoghaire_DSCF2845





All of the images required some contrast and saturation adjustment in post processing.

Tracking the Light Posts Everyday.

3 comments on “Steam on the move at Dún Laoghaire.

  1. John Healy on said:

    Lovely photographs Brian despite the weather conditions ..

  2. Manikandan Venkataramanan on said:

    I can see James the Red engine going by 🙂 By the way what is that Mogul?
    “Tara” Street, is that word by any fortuitous chance Indian in origin? Tara means Stars in Sanskrit

    • Engine 461 is 2-6-0, a wheel arrangement called a ‘Mogul’ in the USA and some other countries. I don’t think the term applies in Ireland. As to the origins of ‘Tara’, that’s beyond my scope, but I’d guess its origins are Irish.

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