Tracking the Light’s Mystery Photo! Do you know this place??

Every so often I like to see if you can figure out the secrets of my locations.

I made this photo the other day.

Do you know where it was exposed?

Be specific; very specific. (Not Southern Pacific).

And, Richard Solomon and Pat Yough you’re both exempt from guessing! (Unless you don’t know).

One last clue: Never have I photographed a train at this location.

Tracks in the Snow_DSCF0849

Tracking the Light’s February 2016 Mystery Photo is Today’s Daily Post.


9 thoughts on “Tracking the Light’s Mystery Photo! Do you know this place??”

    1. Based on the latest clue, somewhere on the Cental New England or the New York and New England in Connecticut. Not enough landmarks (or clues ) to tell where.

    1. I was going to guess on the MassCentral: Forest Lake Jct. to Gibbs Crossing or Barre Plains, but I don’t think there are any private property signs (left center of the photo) on the line, at least I don’t remember any…

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