Providence & Worcester’s former Santa Fe DASH8-40BW catches the Autumn Sun.

Common on the Class 1 carriers, but still relatively rare on regional and short line roads; North American Safety Cab diesels.

On October 30, 2015, I exposed these images of Providence & Worcester’s symbol freight GRWO (Gardner to Worcester) working south at Union Street in Gardner on the old Boston, Barre & Gardner line.

P&W GRWO approaches Union Street in Gardner, Massachusetts.
P&W GRWO approaches Union Street in Gardner, Massachusetts.
Exposed with a FujiFilm X-T1 mirrorless digital camera with 18-135mm Fujinon lens.

Cross lighting favored the ‘widenose’ cab, which is brightly lit against a backdrop of late season autumn color. The dark shadow of the train makes for stark contrast and helps draw attention to the main subject.

Since the train was moving relatively slowly, I had ample time to compose several views of it, working both in the horizontal and vertical formats.

Would views from this angle have the same impact with the older styles of locomotive cabs?

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