Locomotive Geometry: Norfolk Southern SD60E.

The other day I had my first encounter with one of Norfolk Southern’s SD60E diesel-electrics, which features a modified cab.

Norfolk Southern SD60E leads an east auto rack train at Lake Pleasant, Massachusetts.
Norfolk Southern SD60E leads an eastward auto rack train at Lake Pleasant, Massachusetts.

Since today’s North American freight railroading tends to be dominated by cookie cutter wide-nose safety cab six-motor diesels, I find any variation in cab style noteworthy.

The beetle-brow look on this engine certainly caught my attention. And since it was paused on an eastward freight near Lake Pleasant, east of East Deerfield, I took the opportunity to make a few detail photos that emphasize the unusual cab shape.


I wonder what the engine crews think of this innovation?




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3 comments on “Locomotive Geometry: Norfolk Southern SD60E.

  1. Stephen on said:

    Reminiscent of the Czech Class 749 ‘Grumpy’ diesels!

  2. I toured Altoona shop with the RLHS group and was told those cab rebuilds are called Admiral cabs. A director on NS board came from the Navy and suggested it to reduce glare on the windshield. It could become an industry standard.

  3. Michael Walsh on said:

    It’s got a very serious frown.

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