Wisconsin Central F45

Tracking the Light Mystery Location!

I’m taking a poll: Can you guess where I made this photo of Wisconsin Central F45 6656 on May 4, 1996? Be specific!

Exposed with a Nikon F3T with 105mm lens.
Exposed with a Nikon F3T with 105mm lens.

By the way, just in case you missed the notice, the previous Tracking the Light mystery photo was exposed at the Bailey Wye in Baltimore, Maryland.

Also there was a seven to one preference in favor of the 1996 view (top image) at the East Broad Top displayed last week in East Broad Top Narrow Gauge—Variations on a Theme.

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8 comments on “Wisconsin Central F45

  1. Dylan Z on said:

    East Troy, Wisconsin

  2. At the East Troy ex-MERT&L connection at Mukwonago.

  3. Marshall Beecher on said:

    East Troy Railroad, Mukwonago, WI. The catenary is a dead giveaway.

  4. Tom Sharratt on said:

    This must have been taken on the lead to the East Troy Railroad in Mukwonago WI, with the locomotive pointing south about to enter the WC mainline. Nice shot!

  5. Brian Jennison on said:

    Some railroad museum, given the overhead wires. Illinois Railroad Museum?

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