Streetcars of America by Brian Solomon and John Gruber

A New Book

Streetcar book cover©Brian Solomon 899170
Cover photo by Richard J. Solomon. Exposed on Kodachrome film.

Beginning in the mid-1950s my father, along with many of his friends, made a project to document streetcars on film. Since then he has traveled to many cities in the United States and Canada (as well as overseas) and exposed thousands of color slides.

I began traveling with him as soon as I could stand, and some of my earliest recollections involve trips on streetcars and subway trains.

My latest book Streetcars of America, co-authored with John Gruber, is now available through Amazon and other retailers. John and I wrote this compact 64-page soft-cover volume in 2013. It is priced at under $10

This is a Shire Publications production and features a concise look at streetcars in North America. It reproduces a variety of vintage and contemporary images, including many historic views made by Richard J. Solomon on Kodachrome film. Readers will find that John and I have covered a lot of territory in just a few pages.

Although I didn’t select the cover image, I feel it’s fitting since it features a Boston PCC car.  As a child, I lived in Newton Centre, just a few blocks from MBTA’s Riverside Line and here I often watched, traveled on, and photographed Boston PCCs with my father.

This is one of many photos by Richard J. Solomon in my new book, co-authored with John Gruber.
This is one of many photos by Richard J. Solomon in my new book, co-authored with John Gruber.

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