Durango & Silverton K36 in September Sun.

On the Return from Silverton, Colorado.

D&S K36 480 vert Narrow Gauge book cover by Brian Solomon 225353

A version of this image appeared as the cover image from my 1999 book Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives, published by MBI.

The book was a square format and so the sky was partially cropped. That’s a pity since the sky was especially textured that afternoon.

I exposed it as part of a motor-drive sequence using my Nikon N90S with 28mm lens and Fujichrome Provia 100F. The photo on the book was one or two frames earlier in the sequence.

2 thoughts on “Durango & Silverton K36 in September Sun.”

  1. What is that metal strap between the rails which looks like it’s bolted to the ties? Purpose?

    1. I’m not sure, however my best guess; it might be designed to maintain tie spacing since ties can shift as rails expand and contract as the result of changes in temperature. Anyone know?
      Brian Solomon

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