Tracking the Light Mystery Photo!

Can You Tell Where This Is?

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Brian Solomon photo.
Brian Solomon photo.

I thought I’d try something a little different today! I used to be fascinated by David P. Morgan’s impossible photo puzzles in TRAINS. I sifted through a bunch of photos, and I selected this one as my puzzle. (A few months back, I included another puzzle, however it was so opaque that most viewers didn’t even notice! So much for subtlety!)

Leave a comment (comments feature is toward the bottom of the post) if you think you know the location of the photo (be as specific as you dare). If you are really clever, you can include the approximate date of exposure! Or you may wonder in silence.

I’ve deliberately left in several visual cues that should make this something less than impossible to identify. Here’s a tip: it’s not in Germany! (or Ireland!) 🙂 Another tip? Something useful? Reminds me of a comic.

Stay tuned! I’ll post the location and names of any lucky guessers at a later date. (If you don’t want your name listed, use a pseudonym.)

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5 comments on “Tracking the Light Mystery Photo!

  1. There could be a prize. . . I’m wondering how many readers check the comments section. The signal is one clue. The freight cars are another. I supplied a written hint. And there’s a few more little subtleties, such as the freeway.

  2. I bet that cool old signal was the dead giveaway. Maybe the type of engines too. Is there a prize? A free Brian Solomon print? Recognition in the comment section? What tipped off the winner?

  3. Actually, the correct answer was guessed; it is at the Bailey Wye in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo was exposed on Kodachrome in November 1995.

  4. Brian Jennison on said:

    Is that a B&O style color position light guarding the diamond? It’s after 1986 with the SPSF power. I don’t recognize it as any place I’ve ever been…

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