Genesee Valley Transportation, Falls Road Railroad

May 10, 2007—Seven Years ago today.

In 2007, I coordinated a team of 37 photographers to document a full day’s worth of North American railway activity from Nova Scotia to southern California and from the Pacific Northwest to southern Florida in what became a book titled The Railroad Never Sleeps published by Voyageur Press.

In addition to coordination, I played an active role in making photographs. I’d coordinated with Genesee Valley Transportation to ride a locomotive on their former New York Central Falls Road (now Falls Road Railroad) and boarded the train at Lockport, New York.

My aim was to make photos of the crew to capture the feeling of an active short line railroad. Hal Reiser shadowed the train making photos from the ground, and at one point collected me so I could also make trackside views.

I’ve included several of the images from May 10, 2007.

GVT_Falls_Road_RR_May10_2007_Brian Solomon 673072

GVT_Falls_Road_RR_John_Brahaney_May10_2007_Brian Solomon 673064

GVT_Falls_Road_RR_May10_2007_Brian Solomon 673071

GVT_Falls_Road_RR_May10_2007Brian Solomon 673070

GVT_Falls_Road_RR_May10_2007_Brian Solomon 673069

Although The Railroad Never Sleeps is now out of print, it remains a stunning photographic collection, which is especially impressive considering it was entirely accomplished within the limits of just one day!

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One comment on “Genesee Valley Transportation, Falls Road Railroad

  1. Brian Jennison on said:

    I was just thinking about that project yesterday, when I made my annual May trip to White River Jct. to attend the local NRHS chapter banquet. It was seven years ago that I shot pictures for you of the VTR’s train heading south to White River Jct. on the former B&M/CPR line along the Connecticut River, then bagged the “Vermonter” at the depot before heading to the Hotel Coolidge for the banquet.

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