Trams of Gent Part 2

One Europe’s Best Settings For Tram Photos.


Gent, Belgium.
De Lijn is Gent’s tram operator. Here a 1970s vintage PCC hums along with a church towering above it. Lumix LX3 photo.

It just seemed there was a photo opportunity everywhere I turned.In addition to these digital photos, I exposed a fair few color slides as well.

What’s that? Yes, film. But those images will remain latent (unprocessed) for some time yet.

Gent, Belgium.
A modern tram makes for a contrast with the medieval castle in the distance. Canon EOS 7D photo.
Gent, Belgium.
Gent’s trams roll through the city center every few minutes on regular intervals. Canon EOS 7D photo.
Gent, Belgium.
How many cities feature trams grinding along in front of ancient castles? Anyone? Canon EOS 7D photo.
Gent, Belgium.
Here I experimented with a low angle using my Lumix LX3. Same castle.
Gent, Belgium.
And for a more traditional view, albeit with a wide angle. Another Lumix LX3 photo.


Gent, Belgium.
Once out of the old city center, Gent’s trams pass through more recently developed areas of the city. Lumix LX3 photo.


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