Trams of Gent—Part 1


Narrow Gauge Railway Among Stunning Architecture.

Gent (sometimes spelled on maps as ‘Ghent’) is a moderately sized Belgian city with remarkable beautiful architecture. You’ve probably heard lots about nearby Brugge. I visited that city in 1999. Last week, on recommendation of friends, I traveled to Gent, which I found vastly more interesting and photogenic.

Gent’s narrow gauge tram system navigates the some of the most unusual trackage I’ve ever seen, while the city’s buildings and canals make for stunning settings for which to make photographs.

Tram, Gent
Modern tram glides along the streets of Gent, Belgium. Canon EOS 7D photo.
PCC cars in Gent.
Gent’s older trams are 1970s era PCC (Presidents Conference Committee) cars based on American designs. Canon EOS 7D photo.
Gent, Belgium.
Curiously sinuous trackage makes for some interesting images. Canon EOS 7D photo.
A maze of tracks makes for curious operations.
A maze of tracks makes for curious operations.
Gent, Belgium.
A De Lijn tram crosses a canal in historic Gent. Canon EOS 7D photo.



The question may be asked: does the city provide a backdrop for trams, or rather, do the trams augment photos of the city?

The best to come . . .


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