SEPTA’s Media Trolley, June 30, 2013


Contemporary views of a Traditional Streetcar Route.

On the afternoon of Sunday June 30, 2013, Pat Yough and I visited Media, Pennsylvania to photograph SEPTA’s Route 101 Streetcar.

Streetcar at Media, PA.
SEPTA’s Route 101 car on East State Street in Media, Pennsylvania. Canon EOS 7D with 28-135mm lens (set at 135mm).

A century ago, single-track streetcar lines graced many American towns. The era of the electric trolley car faded decades ago. Today, Media is virtually in class by itself. Historic re-creations aside, where else in the USA does a single-track streetcar route serve “Main Street”?

The 101 Route is one of two SEPTA (former Red Arrow) streetcar lines radiating from its 69th Street Terminus in Upper Darby in suburban Philadelphia. The other trolley line is the 102 route to Sharon Hill. 69th Street is also served by the Route 100 high-speed interurban line to Norristown (the old Philadelphia & Western line) and the Market-Frankford elevated.

Trolley at Media, PA.
SEPTA’s 101 trolley stops at street corners to collect and drop off passengers. Lumix LX3 photo.
SEPTA Trolley.
A Kawasaki streetcar near the end of the line in Media, Pennsylvania on June 30, 2013. Lumix LX3 photo.
The trolley is a Media, Icon. Canon EOS 7D photo.
The trolley is a Media, Icon. Canon EOS 7D photo.
Media, Pennsylvania.
East State Street, Media, Pennsylvania on June 30, 2013. Canon EOS 7D with 200mm lens.
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