Rail Freight, Stockholm, May 7, 2010.



Green Cargo Rc2 Electric Leads a Container Train at Alvjso.

Swedish Rc2 electric
Green Cargo Rc2 rolling at Alvjso, Stockholm, Sweden. Exposed digitally with my Lumix LX-3

I was in Stockholm in Early May 2010 to visit a friend. I made some time to re-explore the railways, as it had been a dozen years since my last trip here. On my first afternoon, I noted a container train passing the suburban station at Alvjso just after 5pm. The next day, I was in place at precisely that time to make a photo. My observation and planning paid off, even if the weather didn’t fully cooperate.

Stockholm is a fascinating city with superb public transport and near perfect time-keeping. There’s multimodal connections at most major railway stations, with a well developed network of metro and tram lines.

The Swedish Rc electric locomotive is one of the most widely built types worldwide. Amtrak’s AEM-7 electric is an Rc derivative. See my post: Amtrak’s Mayflower at South Norwalk, Connecticut.

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