PKP Ty3 on grassy tracks Kozuchow poland Brian Solomon 692016

Steam Locomotive on disused track.

PKP Ty3-02 works grassy track at Kozuchow, Poland in April 2002. Exposed with a Nikon F3T and 105mm lens on Kodak Ektachrome Elite 100 slide film.

Polish steam.

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  1. My beloved city Kożuchów 😉 It was special retro train on the occasion of the railway enthusiasts event “Żagań 2002”. This railway line is Nowa Sól-Żagań section of the Wolsztyn-Żagań line. In 2002 line was sometimes used by cargo trains. Today line is not used. You was passenger of this special train ? Did you have more photos from that event ?

    Greetings from Poland !

    Pozdrawiam 😉

    1. Yes, that was the trip. I was visit Poland with some American friends and they encouraged me to travel on that special trip. If I recall correctly, we had 26 photo stops, many of them a closed stations. I have lots of photos from that day.
      The next day there was another trip from Żagań toward the German frontier, but I opted to stay in Żagań and make photos there.

      At some point I’ll post more of my Polish photos on Tracking the Light. I’ve traveled to Poland five times and have thousands of images. Great country!
      Brian Solomon

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