American Gallery: Hudson Valley, 20 Years Ago Today

Amtrak on the Hudson
Amtrak FL9 488 leads an Empire Corridor train along the Hudson near Breakneck Ridge, north of Cold Spring, New York on November 20, 1992. Nikon F3T with 35mm PC lens; K25 slide film.

It was exactly 20 years ago today; November 20, 1992, I made this photograph of an Albany-bound Amtrak train along the Hudson Line near Breakneck Ridge north of Cold Spring, New York. Like today, this day in 1992 dawned cold and crisp. I was armed with my Nikon F3T with a 35mm PC (Perspective Control) lens and loaded Kodachrome 25 film. I metered manually with my Sekonic Studio Deluxe hand-held light meter. Amtrak’s classic FL9s were still working the Hudson Line on Empire Corridor trains. Later in the decade these were supplanted by modern General Electric dual-mode Genesis locomotives.  Back then this train was common; today it’s a classic. Likewise, Kodachrome 25 was then my staple film, but its been gone for several years (discontinued well before Kodak stopped making K64). Wait 20 years, and see what changes unfold. Time passes and everything changes. Make your photos as you see them.

3 comments on “American Gallery: Hudson Valley, 20 Years Ago Today

  1. Scott Marsh on said:

    Nice stuff and I knew I would run into you on the net someday!

  2. Mark Healy on said:

    Too true about making your photos now and not waiting until it’s too late…I’ve fallen into that trap too often already.

    Hadn’t realised that your F3 was the T variant. These make quite good money even now.


    • Yes, I bought the F3T directly from Nikon when I worked at a camera shop/lab in California back in June 1990. Its on shutter number 3, but I still use if occasionally, primarily for B&W work in Ireland. Its rare that I’d use it for color slide anymore. The T body was worth the extra money. No regrets!

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